Child Safe Policy

Achieving Excellence in Dance

Our policy guides staff and students on appropriate behaviour within our company.
This policy focuses on how we can encourage all dancers to participate safely and respectfully.

All Dance Element Studios staff, teachers, volunteers and supervisors must at all times observe protocols for child protection, and in particular obtain a current Working with Children Check (18 years plus).


Dance Element Studios supports the active participation of all students in our organisation. We encourage student’s to voice their opinions respectfully, especially concerning matters that will directly affect them.


We promote respect, fairness and consideration for all staff and students. A company Director and Co-ordinator is assigned to ensure this level of respect is adhered to at all times and will provide support when required.


Dance Element Studios will maintain a consistent recruitment; screening and selection
process to ensure all staff are suitable and legally able to commence work with Dance Element

The high level of staff conduct maintained by Dance Element Studios will be kept through
holding interviews; background/reference checks and ensuring staff hold a current Working
with Children’s Check.

Dealing with complaints

Parents and students are encouraged to voice concerns or complaints to Natalie Newling –
Director, Dance Element Studios.

Complaints are handled with care and taken seriously by all staff relating to any offence or
concern. Necessary action will be taken to ensure both parent and student are cared for and
complaint or concern is dealt with appropriately and efficiently.


Regular information sessions for staff will be held to ensure child safe policy is kept up to
date and Dance Element Studios staff are informed of changes.
Our policy will be discussed during induction sessions for all new staff and volunteers.
New students and families will have access to our Child Safe Policy online and our Terms an Conditions on enrolment.


The policy and guidelines will be reviewed every two years and incorporate comments and
suggestions from parents and staff.