New Musical Theatre Class

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New Musical Theatre Class

Claim your FREE TRIAL to our new Open Age Musical Theatre class by emailing danceelementstudios@gmail.com

Musical Theatre is a Performing Arts based class offering a combination of dance, drama, tap and singing (optional)


In my musical theatre classes I will combine all three elements of theatre being, drama, singing and dance. I believe a good performance is when an artist can tell a story through the unity of these three elements. My class will begin with both a vocal and physical warm up, then I will select a song from a musical and teach the music to accompany it, the story behind it, and then a dance routine to go along with it.
I encourage anyone that wants to make it in the industry or just has a love for the arts and performing to attend this class! New genre and musical every two weeks with lots of fun and good vibes.

Portia – Musical Theatre Instructor

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